Inauguration of the Old Town Hotel and Brewery Gasthof Winkler in Berching.

With an inauguration ceremony the new building, reconstruction and renovation of the Altstadthotel and Brauerei Gasthof Winkler in Berching could be completed on 14.10.2021. Due to the current Corona rules, an inauguration ceremony in February of this year could not take place until now and has now been made up for.

For the inauguration ceremony Mr. Dipl. Ing (FH) Markus Plank among others Hr. Chaplain Polster, the District Administrator Mr. Gailler, Mr. Mayor Eisenreich, the architectural office Kühnlein, as well as numerous designers and companies. A review of the origins of the project and an explanation of the urban planning approach clarified the basic idea behind the redevelopment of the site. The complete construction work was carried out in several sections so that operations could continue without any major restrictions.

Work began in January 2019 in the area of the former hall building. Here, after immense reconstruction work, the kitchen, the WC facilities, as well as seminar and guest rooms on the ground floor have now been newly built. Work in this area could be completed as early as October 2019, and remodeling work could begin on the restaurant. Many were familiar with the former hall with attached stage, which was built back along with other additions in November 2019. Here, in a third construction phase, a modern building structure was created between the existing hotel and the inn, which serves as a hotel reception and office. A total of 16 additional hotel rooms were created on the first floor of the intermediate building, which means that the Altstadthotel now has 37 rooms. During the further explanations by Mr. Plank also commented on the outstanding achievements of the designers and craftsmen involved in the construction. For the jointly achieved performance Mr. Plank expressly thanked all those involved once again, as the companies “also had to put up with him as the person responsible for the project”.

Also with the greeting words by Mr. Mayor Eisenreich, as well as the District Administrator Hr. Geiler, was talked about the successful renovation and remodeling. Both speakers were able to look back on many anecdotes at the Winkler Inn, where many festivities and events were held. The actual inauguration of the newly erected buildings was performed by Hr. Chaplain Michael Polster made. For the architectural office Kühnlein, which was responsible for the planning of the Quartier Winkler, Mr. Kühnlein outlines some aspects of the urban planning approach to the design. Through the renovation and reconstruction of the hall and inn building, a formative area of the Reichenauplatz could be renewed. The redevelopment of Schmiedstraße 7 (former Härter Haus) also continued the urban development concept for the Winkler quarter. After almost two years of construction, an important part of the overall redevelopment of the Winkler site has now been completed, which will include even more areas.