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Unsere Privatbrauerei

Wir brauen Bier - seit 1826

Beer is more than just a drink.
Beer is culture for body and soul -
Beer is the art of brewing and enjoying.

Winkler Berching - private brewery since 1826

Blick hinter die Kulissen


Take a look behind the scenes. With our brewery tour you will be introduced to the secrets of brewing beer. With beer tasting, of course. Perfect as a birthday gift or club outing.

Beer from the region, drinkable and sustainable.


Beer has been brewed in our house since 1826.
We proudly carry on this old tradition today.

Our beer specialities can be collected directly from our brewery.
Opening hours:
Wednesday + Friday 13:00 – 18:00
Saturday 9:00 – 13:00

Here you will find an overview of our product range:

In honour of the composer Christoph Willbald Gluck we brew the“1714” – a beer in export beer quality as it was drunk during Gluck’s lifetime.
The bright amber colour, the malty aromatic taste with a slight sweetness and balanced hop bitterness are achieved by using special Munich and Vienna malts. Enjoyment and conviviality like in 1714!

Lagerbier Hell vom Fass
Original wort 11.4 %, alcohol content 4.8 % vol.
Our most popular and most drunk beer – wrongly also called “simple” – balanced, fine spicy tasting – a beer for every occasion!

Premium Pils from the barrel
Original wort 11.6 %, alcohol content 4.6 % vol.
Brewed with light barley malt. An accentuated hop bouquet and the finely bitter taste are the trademarks of our Pils – a tingling experience for the palate.

Berchinger Dunkel
DLG award-winning, original wort 12.6 %, alcohol content 5.0 % vol.
The original brewed with dark malt without color beer natural from tradition, soft & quaffable taste, a beer with a beautiful dark brown color.

“Bärentrunk” our festival beer
Original wort 13.5 %, alcohol content 5.4 % vol.
amber-coloured, slightly malty beer, simply beery good!

Josefi Bock
Alcoholic strength 6,9 % vol., only available in May
Our dark Bock, hop accentuated and malt aromatic

Alcoholic strength 6,9 % vol., only available in May
Our light Bock, hop accentuated and malt aromatic

Berchinger Weisse
DLG award-winning, original wort 12.6 %, alcohol content 5.2 % vol.
Brewed with high-quality wheat malt, mildly hopped, tangy with the round yeast note and rich yellow colour – a caress for every beer throat.

Berchinger Dark Wheat
Original wort 12.8 %, alcohol content 5.2 % vol.
Brewed with dark wheat malt – also matured in the bottle, strong on the palate and a treat for body and soul.

Berchinger Light Weisse
Original wort 7.5 %, alcohol content 2.8 % vol.
Slim and pleasantly tangy in taste, 40% reduced in alcohol content and calories.

Naturpark Altmühltal Radler
Alcohol content 2.5 % vol.
Mixed beer drink – tangy and thirst-quenching